Use these sayings for your picture captions !

Your making me famous!
If i die before i wake give me my vodka and tell my girls i drank it straight !
Your only as strong as the tables you dance on the drinks you mix and the friends you roll with.
The drunk mind speaks the sober heart
Strike a pose
T-moblie is jealous i have better sidekicks
BESTFRIENDS, its not you knew you the longest. its who never left your side
Maybee if my heart stops beating it won't hurt this much
Mirror pictures are love
i don't flirt i socialize
pssh. i was cool before you even knew what cool ment
so what you see is half the storey there's another side of me
wanna know a secret i think i love you
Woahh boy, you are cute
Talk shit get hit
bow down bitch
I'm the mother fucking princess
you can not buy love
i am who i am
live laugh love
lets cuddle
peace love crunk
beauty only gets attention,  but personality captures the heart
lets flip a coin heads we'll be together, talls we'll flip again
it's my life and ill live it how i choose
live like theres no tomarrow
make your move boy before she moves on
let them be jealous